I lie in bed Trainwrecked Wishing to be swallowed into the mattress  In hopes I never have to come out.  I argue with myself Over whether this is okay Or if I’m just being lazy and ungrateful Because I know in my head I should be doing so very many things But my heart just […]

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Train of Thoughts 

Thoughts in my head swirl about like a leaf twirling in the wind As it falls from its tree, its home.  The most prominent thought is you,  It always is,  And then the train of thoughts linked to you,  Which doesn’t seem to want to slow down.  It takes me to happy places,  But all […]

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Though you’ve been raised to believe All your life, That love heals a broken spirit, You tend to forget that can also mean self-love. You spend your days giving everything you have Trying to heal the brokenness around you, Forgetting to mend the shattered heart inside. It isn’t your fault, Not really, That you expect […]

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“Describe yourself in one word,” They say to me Not knowing what lies behind these eyes. I try to think of something decent as a reply, Because nobody likes a negative nelly, And it should be a simple enough prompt, But when I rack my brain only one word pops up: Inadequate. Any other person […]

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Love is Life

Here we are again Standing at the edge Balancing delicately on a wire that requires grace But I have none, and am destined to fall Into the void below. The bleeding only helps for a moment And I know I will always crave more Which is why I eventually must stop the motion.  Otherwise it’d […]

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Don’t Panic

Point out 5 things you see. 4 things you can feel. 3 things you hear, 2 things you smell, And 1 thing you taste. Now drink some water. …Did you know that’s how you can come back down from a panic attack? Or find reality again after having a horrible flashback? It’s called grounding. Ground […]

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A body is a vessel. It carries our organs, yes But it carries so much more. It carries our hopes, our fears Our flames burning within, Ready to devour us just to ignite another’s soul. A body is a temple And damn you if you tell me I can’t decorate it the way one decorates […]

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