A body is a vessel.

It carries our organs, yes

But it carries so much more.

It carries our hopes, our fears

Our flames burning within,

Ready to devour us just to ignite another’s soul.

A body is a temple

And damn you if you tell me

I can’t decorate it the way one decorates a place of worship. 

I will not bow to your demands

I refuse your theory that an unadorned body is that of one who is clean and whole.

A body is just a body and yet,

We judge one another based on this surface.

Color, size, shape!

All things that could never describe a soul.

Love, hate, love, hate

To mend and break the heart we each hold.

A body tells a story

The easiest story to spot being one of sorrow.

Scars, blemishes, 

Sunken eyes full of sleepless nights and woe

A crooked nose from the two times it was cracked from the fist of other women

Who could not bear to see one of their own be whole,

Though both knew without fail that their victim was already damaged.


Why do we describe ourselves as such

When we know that damaged items tend to lose their value

But we are not simple goods to be purchased?

We, then, are not damaged, nor broken

Nor are we even bent

For how does one bend a diamond

Even before it has been cut and shaped?

Society, it tries its damnedest to do just that-

Cut us and shape us into something they think is beautiful

And I don’t know about you

But I never really liked diamonds much

And I’ve always known their worth was much lower than their price tag

But you,

You are the opposite of those diamonds.

You are a diamond with a high worth

Attempting to sell itself short 

With a price tag that shouldn’t exist.

Your body, it is the exterior

With which people may originally be drawn in

But your heart, your mind, your soul

They are the roughness that everybody wants to mold

Out of fear and jealousy and tradition

Because you are exquisite before you’ve been touched by a single machine

Meant to make you pretty.

You are the wild running free

Forming around your environment before being plucked away

To become something so shallow.

You are deep and you are whole

And your body,

Your vessel, your temple…

Your body is just a small slice of everything else it holds.

So let not your fears run rampant,

Forcing themselves from your chest to your throat to your suddenly collapsible lungs.

Don’t panic.

Don’t look at your reflection and pick apart

Every little thing that you can see.

Because what you can’t see is society

Standing inside your mirror pretending it is you

Telling you to be cut and shaped.

Just shine.

Let their opinions bounce off you like the light reflecting off the diamond you are

And though you have the ability to cut and shape anything else you meet

I hope your mercy stops you.

And when it comes to cutting and shaping yourself

I hope you can take that same mercy to forgive what you call flaws

And leave yourself uncut.


Rough, wild, and exquisite.

Priceless, worthy of everything,

And beautiful beyond the surface you were taught holds your value.


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