Don’t Panic

Point out 5 things you see.

4 things you can feel.

3 things you hear, 2 things you smell,

And 1 thing you taste.

Now drink some water.

…Did you know that’s how you can come back down from a panic attack?

Or find reality again after having a horrible flashback?

It’s called grounding.

Ground yourself.

Don’t let your head run wild

With thoughts of what happened or what could happen…

Stay here, now.

Stay with me.

Breathe, just breathe,

Oh god, please breathe baby.

It hurts to know I made this happen with my frustration over the littlest things.

I love you, baby.

Please stop thinking about it, I’m here now.

Breathe, just breathe,

Oh god, you’ve stopped breathing baby.

Hang on, this might startle you…

Are you okay? Thank goodness you’re breathing again.

Sorry I just blew random air into your mouth, but it looks like it worked.

I love you.

You need to talk to me, darling,

Because you can’t keep all this holed up inside.

I can see it’s killing you not to be the “strong one” right now,

But let me tell you something…

I’m pretty strong, too, and I know what you’re going through.

I used to think I had to be the strong one all the time, just like you

But I learned it’s easier to share the burden

Than to let it crush your soul.

Breathe, baby, just breathe.

I love you.


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