Though you’ve been raised to believe

All your life,

That love heals a broken spirit,

You tend to forget that can also mean self-love.

You spend your days giving everything you have

Trying to heal the brokenness around you,

Forgetting to mend the shattered heart inside.

It isn’t your fault,

Not really,

That you expect to be saved by someone else’s love,

Because you were raised on classic Disney movies

Where the happy ending only came once the prince was in the picture.

Why do we show our children such absurdities?

We have simply been brainwashed

Into thinking we are of no value

If we are not of value to others.

We are like Euros in America;

Since we cannot be directly spent,

We consider ourselves worthless,

When really our value has not changed

But rather our environment.

It’s funny how when you crumple a piece of paper,

Everyone says it will never be the same,

Yet when you crumple a dollar bill,

Everyone still wants it because it still is equivalent

To a dollar.

They say we are like the dollar bill;

Not losing our worth just because of hardships.

But what happens when nobody realizes you’re a dollar?

When nobody else treasures your worth?

One of two things happens:

Self-love or self-hate.

I hope you find self-love,

Because the latter can be changed

But requires quite a bit of work.

Your experiences will crumple you

But they may also unfold you,

And all the same you must know that this is what makes you wholly human.

That hardships turn into lessons

And our lessons can teach us to be better.

Choose to love yourself even when nobody else shows their love.

Choose to love yourself when nobody is looking,

And when everybody is.

Choose to love and value yourself,

Always and forever,

The way only you know how.


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